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Aqua Dives is one of Belize's premier dive shops, providing underwater and above-water tours since 1998. We are conveniently located beachfront in San Pedro Town, across from the airstrip, at the Sunbreeze Hotel. Aqua Dives' fleet of custom dive boats can accommodate individuals, groups and cruise ship excursions. We are your one stop shop for all diving and leisure related activities. Aqua Dives can also help with air and hotel reservations. Call us today or just stop by to plan your diving and excursions in paradise.

New Blue Hole 52ft boat
See the 360 degree panoramic views of our beach and dock.

Local Dive Sites Local Diving
Ambergris Caye is protected by the largest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere, which gives us lagoon-like conditions between shore and the dive sites. The dive sites are conveniently located within a five-minute boat ride of the caye and marked by mooring lines.

Come join us every day for exciting underwater tours at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Visit a wreck, swim through tunnels or simply glide over the spur and groove canyons that run perpendicular to the barrier reef. The reef offers a wide assortment of marine life. Catch a glimpse of a variety of turtles, parrotfish, angelfish, sharks, filefish, crabs, lobsters, rays, dozens of species of corals and sponges, and much more. When diving from March thru May, you may be lucky enough to spot a whale shark making its annual journey to southern Belize.

Blue Hole
Photo © Chris Allnatt
Blue Hole / Lighthouse Reef Atoll Trip
Come and dive the world famous Blue Hole. The limestone stalactites are some of the largest in the world. Experience the thrill of seeing Reef Sharks and Bull Sharks following your ascent to the surface from 130 ft.

The second dive of the day is at one of the world's most pristine reefs "Half Moon Caye Wall." This dive's highlights include sheer vertical walls that start at depths of 35 feet and amazing swim-throughs that lead you to the edge of the abyss. Diving the Blue Hole

Following the second dive you will visit the island of Half Moon Caye for a lunch break. There will be plenty of time for a short walk over to the Red Footed White Face Boobie Bird sanctuary established by the Audubon Society.

The third dive is another wall dive called "The Aquarium" at Long Caye. The crystal-clear, blue water has an abundance of colorful sponges, corals and marine life such as Reef Sharks, dolphins and, of course, Belize's friendly turtle "Snappy."

For the true diving enthusiast and adventurer, try our overnight Atoll trip.
Dive the Blue Hole/Lighthouse Reef dives AND Turneffe Atoll.
5 Awesome dives with a moonlight barbeque on the beach at Half Moon Caye!

Turneffe Atoll (North Rendezvous)
Turneffe is Belize's largest Atoll, 38 miles long and 8 miles wide. At its northern tip, "Rendezvous Point," you will enjoy three great wall dives. The wall starts at a depth of 45 ft and gradually slopes into the Abyss. The dive offers a wide variety of sponges as well as a great chance of seeing large marine creatures such as Black Tip Reef Sharks, Dolphins, Eagle Rays, and Turtles.

Queen Angelfish Turneffe Atoll (South Elbow)
This day trip offers 3 dives. "The Elbow" is a drift dive beginning at 60 ft and leveling off at 100 ft. Some of the largest gorgonians will be found swaying gently with the current, creating a marvelous backdrop to the marine life. Encounter Reef Sharks, huge game fish, occasional Whale Sharks, Mantas and a 14 ft Hammerhead Shark.

"Majestic Point" will offer tunnels and exciting swim-throughs. As the canyon narrows, the corals combine to create a sheer cliff in depths between 70 ft and 150 ft. The other canyon dive could be "Black Beauty" or "Myrtel's Turtle" famous for the huge sponges and marine life. Another site might be the Sayonara Wreck, sunk in 1985, this dive is famous for the rare "Toad Fish" that is found on the Coral formations of this site.

Nurse Shark Snorkeling Tours
You don't need to be a Scuba Diver to enjoy the beautiful fish and coral of the pristine reef. At "Hol Chan Marine Reserve" you can snorkel with an abundance of fish of all sizes; from the unique Fairy Basslet to huge Groupers, all within arms reach. Also, try "Shark Ray Alley" where you can snorkel with friendly Nurse Sharks and Stingrays. "Coral Gardens" and "Mexico Rocks" are some of the other beautiful snorkeling locations where you can view an impressive array of coral formations and sea creatures.

PADI Scuba Courses
Moray Eel Let us introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world with our professional instructors and personal service. Aqua Dives provides an enjoyable and worry-free experience amongst the tropical fish and brilliant colors of the living reef.

Whether you want to try scuba, be a recreational diver, continue your education as a diver or make a career of diving, we have the right course for you and your family. Resort Course - Referral Course - PADI Scuba Diver - Open Water Course - Advanced Course - Rescue/ MFA-Dive Master - Excitement Specialist, and more. manatee

Day Trip Tours by Boat
Take a guided tour to one of our historic Mayan sites and learn about the lost culture of these mysterious people, or just relax on a deserted island and enjoy breathtaking scenery.


  • Visit the trading center and religious ceremonial center of the Mayan people "Altun Ha." Home of the famous ornately carved Jade Head of "Kinich Ahau," the Mayan Sun God. The site features two main plazas with some thirteen temples in a pleasant park-like atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a boat ride up the New River to visit the pyramids of "Lamanai" (Mayan site). Along the way you may see indigenous flora and fauna such as crocodiles, monkeys, exotic birds, red gumbo-limbo trees and orchids to name a few.
  • The Manatee tour will wind its way through some of the country's most magnificent cayes while allowing you to spot these gentle giants. To top off the trip, stop on beautiful Goff's Caye for a beach barbeque, snorkel and swim.
Other tours are available and include: fishing, bird watching, camping, and customized tours.
Contact us for details.



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